Edustipend Review 2023

Edustipend Review 2023
Edustipend Review 2023


What is Edustipend About?

Edustipend, (educational stipends) is a non profit organization with interest to giving back to the community, for sole purposes of education, learning and productivity, the first time i heard about edustipend, i thought the owner or founder is like chinedu, and that’s why he used the last three letters of his name (edu) to found his organization (nonprofit) as a non-profit organization they are open to accepting sponsors and ambassadors, i actually heard about them lately this month on Facebook, as i researched about them i learnt they disbursed about NGN 1.6m only for the month of July, free to financial unprivileged but bright young Nigerians, the cost of giving out laptops to July beneficiaries alone amounts to about NGN 800k, (8 beneficiaries, if i should estimate, i will say that those laptops costs about 100k each and such a 100k laptop in my opinion is a good one, courtesy of edustipend and ambassadors/sponsors

Where is edustipend organization located?

Edustipend non profit organization has it’s headquarters in California USA, and perhaps, hopefully they will broaden their reach, they also have a strong presence in Africa and Nigeria to be precised, so the stipends grants is targeted to more of financially unprivileged but smart young Nigerians, edustipend support program which, includes laptops giveaway, data subscriptions give away, certificates course voucher (paid course) give away respectively, on a monthly basis, moreso their operations is mostly online.

Who is the ceo of edustipend in nigeria? 

Uduak Obong-Eren is the founder and CEO of edustipend, Uduak Obong-Eren is a Nigerian, and Tech enthusiast from Akwa-ibom state, he is based in California USA.

How edustipend works

Edustipend, works by what they call the ‘RRRA” which means :

Request, Review, Receive Achieve.

REQUEST: Firstly you have to write a proposal,on their open form through their website, the form opens from 1st of every month 11am prompt, to the 8th of same month stating your genuine needs.

REVIEW:Your submitted proposal will be reviewed by Independent reviewers and ambassadors for genuineness authenticity.

RECEIVE :You may receive either laptops give away or data subscription or paid certificate course upon been selected depending on the giveaway you applied for.

ACHIEVE:You can now go and achieve your dreams, which is the most important thing, if you aspire to become a freelancer, blogger or graphic designer but have no cash to get a good laptop, which you actually need, edustipend is for you.

Is edustipend legit?

A big yes, the founder Uduak Obong-Eren is not hidden, and they are not asking you for your money, all you do is submit a genuine proposal, follow them on social media, engage in their posts, eg like and share, moreso they are on LinkedIn and have about 11 employees, 5 ambassadors, and they are transparent, so i think, all giveaways, beneficiaries are published on their pages, and those are real humans.

When it comes to grants, edustipend nails it, i bet you won’t dull on it, edustipend joins the likes of grants, and non profits like the Tony Elumelu foundation, according to edustipend, they received about 800 request, July alone and only about 7.5 percent benefited, so even if you submitted and you were not selected, keep trying since it’s a monthly initiative.