Great methods to sell your handicraft online

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Six free methods to upsale your handicraft business online 

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Bringing your crafts/business online is a plus,, most importantly as technology is the trend of the moment, it is a great idea especially if you intend to generate more sales and more contracts,, this method is very lucrative as you can possibly make more gains than offline billions of people are on the internet some are creating  some are looking for recommendations  and some are buying or selling

These methods include:

>socia media



>email listing 


>Google my Business. 

1:Social media:,social media like facebook, instagram, whatsapp, Twitter etc,garners a lot of traffic my personal opinion is that 100 million people globally are on each of this social media every few seconds, so getting esposure and consequently sales is guaranteed,

:a few ways to use social media to promote and sale your crafts includes,using facebook as a case study, you can create a profile page with your business name,let’s assume you are a caterer and your name is Kate you can create a page on facebook using your name,, Kate catering services’, for example then you can upload images and videos of your crafts to your page, also read:How to sell on facebook for freeimages and videos goes a long way to communicate your craft to the public, add your contact and run a free campaign  on facebook in your page and repeat this steps for every other social media, there’s is the whatsapp strategy, where you collect people’s contacts number for whatsapp and ask them to save yours and while you save theirs, so they can see your status update you are on advantage if you have and can get a lot of whatsapp contacts, also read:How to sell on WhatsApp also note that this method works for all irrespective of your country

2:Blog/website creating a blog is a great way not only to put your crafts on the internet but also a great way to reach a wider audience unlike the social media you can add payments pages and buttons, you are absolutely in charge of your posts contents payments, integrate payments like Paypal, direct bank transfer adding your own custom checkout cart, also read:How to create a blog  you can get a web designer or developer to either set up BloggerWix, or WordPress, but if you want to try it out for yourself using Blogger, heres how, go to Blogger, and sign up for free using your gmail, account blogger is owned and managed by google you are not paying for domain name or hosting because the hosting of your blog inventory is done by google, you may only need to buy Premium theme, to give your blog that professional look so before signing up  for blogger you already have a name you want to call your blog best practices and probloggers prefer using their own name for their blog, for example you are a caterer and your name is Kate so let’s say,or,which ever you choose note that,is your domain so when people are searching for your domain it will be this”

But if you intend to upgrade so your blog url looks like this,you can buy a domain name with ,Bluehost bluehost is a great service and we recommend them they offer free domain when you host WordPress blog with them for the first year, or you can get Godaddy  domains is great for blogger and easy to integrate then you can launch your site or blog live and start posting as a caterer or event planner you can begin to upload images and videos of your craft and write a post and description about them, spelling out your contacts, prices and materials you can even use it to teach others, pictures and videos of your products goes along way to communicate engagement to your readers and potential buyers and blogger, is built to host high quality images and videos depending on the template you choose if needed nice template for blogger blog Get it Now, this template can also enable you to show google adsense ads and you get paid for it Refer to this post, to know more on making money with adsense

(3) forum: forum websites are membership sites where members offer value in sense of problem solving, members ask a question relative to their wants and needs ranging from, technical hacks,, crafts   bestbuys and so on so it’s also an opportunity to recommend your products  but don’t do so without adding value and understand how best to promote your stuff and links so as it not be Spamming offer value, be that person that helps with knowledge first then lastly promote your link example of such forum is Quora is one of the largest and has tons of millions of visitors and also at the 3rd position of the SERP (search engine result pages) you can sign up using a Gmail account or using your name and password join groups related to your crafts by using the search bar on quora, and lastly we want to look at nairaland forum, is a Nigerian brand owned by Seun Osewa, nairaland as the name implies covers multiple subject and discussions and personal opinion, including, finance  money, business, crafts, you can even advertise your business on nairaland for free and paid if you intend to reach a wider audience so like every other forums you first add value before promoting your business/product or self 

(4)Email listing:

Collect emails from prospective buyers,, social media and send them cold pitching, proposals be careful not to spam their inbox, and use your/name at every of your messages if cannot do this effectively on your normal email  use Mailchimp, Mailchimp is a free tool you can use to create wonderful landing pages and so on. 

(5)Google my Business

Google My Business  is googles resources, site which you can use to register your crafts business, occupation and be found on google its like a mini website  you can upload your photos and videos, contacts and you are at advantage to be found by your prospective customers. 

(6) SEO:  which literally means search engine optimization is very most important, because the internet is highly competitive having more than a billion web sites online spells that however to make that sales and get more customers there certain keywords strategies to learn and apply in your business blog/pages as to d your prospective buyers search there is a tool to help you do this for free which is Google Trends, if you find it hard with this method you can consider hiring SEO experts for a fee #Social #Media #Marketing