Seven (7) Important facts to consider as you venture into blogging.

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Hi! there, is a pleasure to have you here, below are few frequently asked questions(FAQS) concerning the term, blogging, blogger, blog, how to receive income as blogger, best template to use and so on,
And this are queries from intending and newbie bloggers so pull a cushion, sit back and relax  while i take it one after another 

> can i really make money blogging 

  >what is the best platform for a beginner? 

>should i start with a free or paid tools, which includes domain, theme and hosting? 

>can i start with my smartphone or wait until i get a pc(personal computer)? 

>can i make money using google’s blogger? 

>what’s the best blogger templates for an educational blog? 

>what’s the best professional blogger template 2021?

Those are some of the questions being asked online but no worries iam going to touch every aspect of it, you reading this you are already on your way to success, iam going to be brief and straight to the point, 

Depending on your budget, if you are buoyant financially you can start with WordPress which comes with a lot of plugins, a plug-in is just like applications applied to the WordPress interface per task but most of this plugins are not free but it is worth the money, to start with Sign up with WordPress

WordPress is pretty nice,, but quite expensive for a beginner,

 Now let’s talk about blogger, blogger is owned by google and hosted by them if you own a blog with googles blogspot it’s  called googles user content, if you really want a blog you can call your own professionally as a business go for WORDPRESS but if you want to do part time use Blogger and sign up using your Gmail account and and make your first post, all is a good Template,, a domain name, e.g your blog and and connect with cloud flare

Sign up with blogger Here this blog you are reading is a blogger blogger and you can see how nice and professional it looks   however to use blogger effectively you need to master javascript and html,and being able to copy and paste codes in the right place don’t worry it’s not hard because you have youtube and google and blogs to teach you, this my blog domain, i bought it from Godaddy they are the best you then need a professional theme for fast adsense approval Get blogger fast adsense approval theme on a 60% discount Now!! Final thought’, blogging is lucrative as you make your first cash easily by doing affiliate marketing  and that is the easiest way to make money through (affiliate marketing) promoting other people’s business get paid doing so.