How to buy wakanda inu token

 How to buy wakanda inu token

Buying wakanda inu token or swapping other cryptocoins to get wakanda inu token may seems difficult, because the wakanda inu token is still new to the hears of many crypto currency traders and investors.

What is wakanda Inu? 

Wakanda Inu token
Wakanda Inu token

Wakanda inu is simply a decentralized meme token.

Wakanda inu was built as a charity-oriented meme token to be used as social good across the globe.

Wakanda inu distribution

According to wakandainu, the highest distribution of the coin is 36 percent in public sales, followed by 30 percent in liquidity, 20 percent in marketing, 10 percent in development and the least is 4 percent in charity.9

Wakanda inu coin seems to be unfair when it comes to the distribution part, according to wakandainu “wakanda inu token was built as a charity-oriented meme token” but only four percent is given out or distributed as charity.

But the amazing part about the wakanda Inu token is that it is the first meme coin owned by Africa, though the coins belongs to a community and was created out of a community project.

Swapping other cryptocoins to get wakanda inu token

Swapping other cryptocoins to get wakanda inu is so easy with the use of the pancakeswap, but before swapping your cryptocoins to wakanda inu, you need to first purchase the crypto currency you will be using as an exchange for wakanda inu, and to do that you need a crypto currency wallet, you can get that by simply downloading trust wallet app or anyother crypto currency wallet that appears in the pancakeswap “connect wallets” menu, and then register for an account.

Now that you have got a wallet! Buy crypto currency using your wallet.

Here is how to swap or exchange your crypto currency to wakanda inu token.

  • Go to pancakeswap
  • Tap on the “connect wallets” which will display a drop down menu listing out different wallets.
  • Choose the wallet you have, and connect.
  • Now select the cryptocoin you have as an exchange for wakanda inu token.
  • And then select wakanda inu token as the one that you are swapping to.

Buying wakanda inu from a merchant or friend

Alternatively, you can buy it from a merchant, a friend or anyone that you trust to avoid being scammed.

You buy from a trustable person by sending him or her an amount of money that is equivalent to the amount of wakanda inu token you want from the person.

It is very important to use escrow so as to avoid unnecessary story.

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