Fantastic 7 beginner ways to earn us dollars and spend in naira in 2024

Stupid (7) Legit online venture to earn Us dollars even if you are a complete newbie.?

Do you know that if you EARN us dollars ($1,000, it’s close to 1.5 MILLION NAIRA? As of the time and date of writing this post the black market exchange rate is around NGN 1500 to 1 USD? 

Here are 7 legit online businesses you can do to earn us dollars in 2024

(1) Amazon KDP: Publish short books on Amazon and earn in dollars for the sale of each book. The books you publish will continue to sell for a lifetime, which means that you do the work once and enjoy the benefits forever.

(2)YouTube Channel Monetization: Upload videos and Youtube will pay you $5 for every 1000 views.

(3) Virtual Assistant: Do freelance work remotely and get paid and earn us dollars. You can also sign long term deals with the clients, It’s like a contract or employment.

(4) CPA Affiliate Marketing: CPA actually means costs per action, advertisers and companies will pay you as an affiliate promoter as long as the desired action is met. Your job as an affiliate is to get potential clients to complete a task [eg. Register with email, download an app, etc]. You don’t need to sell to make money with CPA affiliate marketing, yes you heard me right and it’s my favorite, because is the easiest, you can do cpa marketing by first registering with sites like CPA GRIP, CPA BUILD, Og ads etc sign up as a publisher affiliate and you are good to go.

(5) CryptocurrencyLearn about how crypto currency works and how to identify coins that can triple your investment.

(6)Tik tok-ing : nowadays people are cashing out on tik tok, when i say people i mean both old and young including Nigerians if you want me to explain what tiktok is, i guess you already know that tik tok is a video sharing app just like Facebook reels or Instagram reels, so tik tok pays creators through what they call creators fund, and to qualify you need at least 10k followers 100k views in the last 1 month (30 days) to participate in revenue share, but the easiest way to earn us dollars (you can toggle currency to your country or location) on tik tok is going LIVE, you qualify at least if you have up to 1k followers, if your followers like your Live content they can send custom stickers (online souvenirs) which can be redeemed as cash, if you are stuck finding ways to grow your followers you can buy followers on

(7) Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a sure business that will make you earn us dollars in 2024 and beyond only if you know your way around, dropshipping business model works in a way that you literally don’t need to own the product, it’s i call leverage,

Fantastic 7 beginner friendly ways to earn us dollars and spend in naira in 2024

How does dropshipping work?

Finding a hot ? and selling product, from suppliers, manufacturers, it can be anything ranging from tech gadgets, health and wellness supplements, gadgets that solves every day challenge, kitchen gadgets etc, you act as a middle man /woman between suppliers, and end buyers and this can be done online,using your smart phone or pc at the comfort of your home office, no need for brick and mortar shop, it works thus,’ customer places an order for item, pays you retail price, assuming retail price is 150k, so you forward 100k to your supplier and your store keeps the 50k, supplier ships item to customer, to create your own dropshipping online shop sign up on shopify, WooCommerce, wix, WordPress, create your landing page, with products images and videos, create call to action button, and integrate payment gateways like flutter wave, paypal, skrill, make sure to connect them to your bank account

In conclusion

The above unique hustle will no doubt help you earn us dollars, of which all requires skills and time to build, note that to earn us dollars or any money online requires patience, you need to actually up your digital skills, buy course if need be, take advantage of free resources like the one on this site, invest in ads campaigns, share your business on social media, create awareness and so on before consequential results.

Please share your thoughts, and questions let’s learn together… ?