dollar us exchange rate:Indaboski blows hot, vows to release his powers.

Indeed everyone has a say, as Odumeje, Indaboski makes statement in his congregation.

In His opinion, odumeje recited the different currencies ahead of the naira including the dollar us exchange rate, which he said 1500 to 1 USD

Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere (born 9 September 1982), popularly known as Odùméje, is a Nigerian clergy/entertainer he is the general overseer of The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance

dollar us exchange rate

Currently Nigerians are experiencing hike in the prices of items, both locally produced and shipped, surprisingly even food items, groceries, tech gadgets are now 5 times their initial prices

With large industries recording losses, and moving out of the country, is it mainly the dollar us exchange rate, issue or government decisions/indecision, policies or what? Is odumeje actually right? afterall, he is a Nigerian, a parent and also has felt the inflation which every one of us Nigerians are facing.

Concerned citizens and economists thinks that Nigeria can do well if government, encourage home grown and production, we don’t have to import fuels (petrol and the likes) if our refineries are working, government should put majors in place to address bribery and curruption which has shrink our economy.

Experts believes that The most critical way to manage our high rate of inflation and decline in production is for the government to address the issue of insecurity in the country, which will allow for increased food, and crude oil production, and an overall increase in production, which will make products, especially food, cheaper. This way we would increase our productivity as well as restore the confidence of FDIs (foreign direct investment) and FPIs(foreign portfolio investment)to come back to the country.

The Nigerian economy needs a hard headed practical originality and results. Tinkering with classical economic theories can only deepen our crisis

In Indaboski’s words he said:

The pres*dent is not qualified to become the pres*dent. You don’t have anything to offer.

I will start in dollars to release all my power. And I will use so many powers to bring down dollar us exchange rate.

Canadian dollars is 1,200. But Nigerian dollars is 1,500.

What a country. I will use powers to begin to fix so many things in this country. But know it and know it clear.

His statement, got people talking on social media,

One user said @c_magagz:The superhero Nigeria never knew it needed! Indaboski Bahose He’s going to save the country!!!

Another user said @ambrosinni_goretti25:

please, odumeje! dint release abito shaker oh! because it use to bring thunder and lightning 

User @lxg.237:

Which one is Nigerian dollars??? hmmm.


Listen to audio below

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Source : Tiktok.

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