Hi! My name is Sam and on this post i will tell you if blogging can be profitable in the the new year and even in the near future, so grab a cup of coffee ☕ and relax and read carefully to the end

*Important thing to note here before considering whether blogging can be profitable ($$) are

*DRIVE , ‘ what drives you? is it the money aspect or what, or PASSION for blogging  are you that guy who loves to add value through your writing skills even without being paid, or even writing about  what you love  or even your Religious beliefs then you are good to go, but if for the money on the onset then expect nothing but misery on arrival 
WHY?  blogging takes and demands your inputs first, before it can deliver back to you passively, your inputs in both finance, time, energy,, research, and writing your blog by your self or even hiring professionals to do that for you, 
*considerations, your blog if actually you owned one or intended to,, need to be filled with a:valuable contents b:good keyword related and researched content for google seo( search engine optimization ) a failed blog is like a man who impregnate his wife and the woman gave birth (delivery) but the man unfortunately runs away  owing to the cost and demand for child care, so it is with blogging at very beginning only real men pay the price and milk it big at last, you know it’s easy to put in your email address, and with a few clicks you already owns a blog, but what really matters, is maintenance how? With  Relevance posts and good keywords delivery 
Now to Cap it all, blogging has been lucrative and will be,

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