E Naira digital currency-all you need to know

 E-naira Digital Currency    a general overview. >What is e-naira?  E naira is the digital version of the NGN(Nigerian Naira) ie, the normal cash we all know and use,it’s also called CBDC, which is central bank digital currency,the innovation, was envisioned, and executed by the CBN, even though the Apex bank is not a fan … Read more

Risevest|Nigerian Investors and what to expect

  Recently a court order has been issued which led to the frozen of accounts of investment platform(RISEVEST) the fintech has assured its over 600k plus subscribers of the safety and management of their funds/investments,The central bank of Nigeria(CBN) obtained a court order through an Abuja high court to freeze the accounts of other investments … Read more

12 Ways to Save money as a student

12 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY AS A COLLEGE STUDENT Let’s be honest here – saving money, especially as a student, is no simple task. However, it is no secret that having your monthly allowance in green digits rather than in red ones can lead to less stress, fewer financial problems and of course, much … Read more