Grow Your Content Creation Journey:In the “YouTube Made For You’ 2023/2024 boot-camp


Wetin be YouTube Made for You? YouTube Made For You‘na program wey dem design to helep content creators boost their Shorts content. Na 8-week Shorts boot camp wey go feature plenty educational and inspirin’ workshops. Dem go show you di tools, knowledge, and confidence to carry your content career reach di next level. YouTube Made … Read more

Uba national essay competition 2023 (Call for Submissions.)

Uba national essay competition 2023 registration Hello there, dear student! I’d like to introduce you to the UBA National Essay Competition. This fantastic annual event is specifically designed for senior secondary students across Nigeria. It’s all part of UBA Foundation’s dedication to education, with a goal to foster a love for reading and stimulate healthy … Read more

YouTube TV NFL: how to watch nfl on youtube tv

Youtube tv nfl, how to watch nfl on youtube

want to know more about youtube tv and how you can watch it live in the comfort of your home follow guide!  Americans are excited as here comes another season to support home football. If you’re an avid NFL fan, the words “YouTube TV NFL” must have caught your attention. In this digital age, streaming … Read more

Uba group annual Nec Competition

Image:Ubafoundation  The UBA foundation, an arm of the UBA group has anounced the comencement of its annual UBA ‘NEC’ in summary is national essay competition, the yearly competition which is the 11th edition started since 2011 exactly 11 yrs now, it’s targeted towards senior secondary students in Nigeria the great initiative which the foundation took … Read more