How To Recover your Fundz From Shady Income Programs

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How to successfully initiate a bank charge back and get refunded almost immediately

Back in 2019 i involved myself with an on-line business model(RACKSTERLY) which later we found out that it was a ponzi scheme, a kind of shady deal which tends to rub Peter and pay Paul leaving the victim helpless not knowing what next to do, in my own case i invested the sum of, NGN:27,000,00 approx $75, for a  said package and most people even invested higher amount

not until alarm blow: every one was left with a few options, like report to the EFCC , law enforcement, or comfronting the shady organization or probably lodging and registering the case in court it was terrible, why? because so many people took loans, some risked it with their school fees, guess what? People were determined to get back their funds but only few were optimistic enough to consider initiating a bank charge back, and myself was among them and that’s the reason for this post, 

Now here is how i did it, 

> i contacted their online payment system which is paystack via their customer support email,

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[email protected]  with the details of transaction, already pay stack had been alarmed of the alleged intention of the racks group to run off with people’s investments and funds, as they had their accounts frozen, according to pays tack they (RACKSTERLY) did not operate a corporate account with pays tack  instead they were operating with personal accounts, as people began to subscribe, (they had about 200k subscribers at the time) you can imagine the billions they had with pays tack under a personal account, so paystack insisted, they do a corporate account so it will be difficult for them to run with the funds, so after i contacted paystack, it was easy for them to understand and their prompt response gave me hope  i was also directed to contact my bank @ UBA PLC, so i did that through their Twitter handle:[email protected]

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which i filled  stating the amount  item or service purchased from the merchant, i stated all and they replied and said it will be(the 27k will be removed after 10 business days, this is to give a one week period to make investigations, and so it exactly after a week i received alert of the money i was so happy, but even though some people were charge back was not successful maybe because they submitted late and what about those who did not know how to go about it,

Note that i also went to the bank physically with the charge back form after i did the print out in cyber-cafe and filled it correctly then met with the customer service  aka cfc, and they did a bank statement(document screen shot above) using the date of the transaction which i gave them and it was comfirmed, and that’s how it was possible