Search engine optimization on Google (A Beginners Watchlist)

 Search engine optimization on Google (A Beginners Watchlist)

Search engine optimization on google?

Almost every search is done on Google, google’s algorithm has over the years studied and mastered user behaviors, thereby having the highest stake, and most of, the billions of search are done on mobile device, and the google android device has the highest share of monthly searches, as android is popular and beginner friendly and easy to use, and you don’t pay for searching, You see why SEO revolves around Google because of the huge number of users, so coming to the question,

Why search engine optimization on Google

  1. Google bots prioritize user behavior and match user search intent around content, this becomes a win win for both the user, Google and the site owner. 
  2. Google is the biggest search engine, accustomed to users with over 50 billion searches monthly, ” huge! right? everyone (webmasters) wants a share from that number.

Hello! my name is Sam Chidume i’m an affiliate marketer, a blogger and SEO Strategist. 
Search engine optimization (SEO) can be said to be an underground technical content drafting, curated just to align your business or web site content on google first Serps pages (search engine results pages) i was researching a particular keyword phrase ” furniture” i came across hundreds of results,  mostly promoted with ads, still searching i came across a furniture  website , i must confess, that the site is nicely and well organized, even though the owner ran google  ads for the keyword,’ ‘furniture’ ‘, but they still appeared far behind, so to me, paid ads is not enough to, make your business appear on google first page, Note: the purpose of this article is to help your business appear on google front page, because when you do, (appear on front page and thereabouts, you will make sales guaranteed, coupled with ads, that will be tripled, so the catch is SEO, so what exactly is SEO? Literally every website owner/manager, except newbie, is quite conversant with the term, SEO”which means, search engine optimization,   surprisingly many businesses and regular webmasters don’t know how to go about implementing seo, in simple terms seo is, implementing user exact intent in your content, (keywords) for example the keyword’ furniture” is highly competitive, and can be difficult to rank on. 
Google ranking factors: 
1.User search intent 
when your content includes what user or customer is searching for you will rank high, and consequently make sales, and you can do this by integrating a blog section to your website, 
2. Site Navigation, users should be able to get information they are looking for without barriers, like unsolicited pop ups or ads, also you can use healthy bread crumbs around your content. 
3. Indexation. 
You Must submit your, blog post, article business url on google webmaster console for indexation 

4. Long tail keywords
Most of the, keywords are over saturated and has a higher difficulty rate, so as a beginner you might find it hard to rank for a single tail keyword like ” furniture” so you want to explore longer tail keywords like 50 cm furniture under $500
 Strategy to implore 
A:On page SEO

B:off page SEO

On page seo, are content strategies implemented internally eg blog writing, and implementation of keywords,
 “Furniture”alone is a highly competitive keyword, ranking on this keyword will be based on four factors, 1, Domain authority, 2. Domain age, 3, Domain Rating and lastly backlink profile, thus the higher the backlink, the more chances there’s to rank, so you want to use long tail keywords, eg, ” average furniture under $1k in (location)” in the example above the user intent or, intention, reveals transactional, and that they would buy, and not just searching for information,

Image optimization..
Recently the google core web vitals and update which prioritize site speed, for an excellent user experience and for ranking and user retention advices that webmasters should compress their images, obviously user tends to bounce off if your site is slow, and the main cause of this, is heavy images, so to avoid this you want to make sure you minify or compress the images to use on your site or content before publish, to do that you can use easy tools like Tiny Png for free

You want to also include searcher intent, (keywords) in your image title and alt text 
Internal linking, you want to be able to link, from your blog to your sales page and around your pages on the same domain. 

Off page SEO 
These are strategies, done outside your domain, e.g. paid backlink, social shares and paid ads. 
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