Affiliate Review: Earn N20,000 on Surveys, and Referral commissions Affiliate Review: Earn N20,000 on Surveys, and Referral commissions

What is Strimpay?

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Before we talk about Affiliate Review, its important to understand what strimpay is all about and how it can impact your business, strimpay is a payment solution for everyone, grow your business send and receive money, nation wide, send and receive money to family and friends, colleagues, Strimpay cut across, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, You can equally say that strimpay is a PayPal alternative, now i know that you might have heard that strimpay is paying people through  Strimpay affiliate program, well YES but it’s only for a limited time and might end soon, because strimpay is not an earning site but a payment solution, like receiving of email transactions, online payments and purchases using their virtual card, currently, strimpay is running a promotion, as a recent startup solution they need to create brand awareness, and that’s the purpose of the affiliate program, so once a targeted number is reached they might stop the affiliate program, according to them once a 500 withdrawal requests is made, they may stop processing payments or accepting affiliates

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Please know that at the moment no payment has been made made, people has initiated a withdrawal and currently awaiting payments so you can always check back with us on this blog 


How to make money on Strimpay affiliate & sign up? 

(1.)Firstly go to  strimpay affiliate sign up page and sign up, with your details, after that, you will get a welcome bonus of #500 

(2.)Answer a quick survey about your preferences and get paid N1000 

(3.)Follow and like their Twitter page receive N500

(4.)Open an account, get a virtual card, to send, receive and make swift transfers you get N500.

(5.)Refer friends and colleagues and get #300 per signup, 

Now that you have seen the, process it is important to note that you can make more if you are serious about it as it doesn’t take much time, at first after completing above steps you earn N2500 so you can only need to refer two people to reach withdrawal threshold, which is N3,000 i will advise you place withdrawal fast because according to them, as a h’d already stated earlier in this post that once 500 withdrawal is requested then they will stop accepting requests also know that you can only withdraw to a strimpay account, so you must create an account, and don’t register double account. 

Final conclusions

Do you know that you can receive loan solutions from strimpay, without having to go through the usual process of verifications, all you required is banking information, (Bvn, date of birth phone guarantees,also make sure to provide legit information, strimpay is massive and trusted by up to 20, 000 users among whom are Nigerians, Kenyans Ghanaians, sign up is, easy and free, send and receive money directly into your local bank account, in seconds

 Please also share your thoughts about strimpay. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this. A really detailed and interesting read.

    StrimPay seems to be using fraudulent techniques on its customers.
    A friend of mine purchased their virtual card a while ago and is yet to receive it or withdraw his affiliate marketing rewards
    Hopefully, it is an error that they might resolve soon but my friend is not that optimistic. I think anyone looking to join should be cautious.

  2. Dear Emma, iam really glad you liked our review about, please also understand that the affiliate program is for a stipulated time, which means it on for a short while after which it is permanently closed as stated by strimpay on their website, so those who got on it late will not be payed.,because the withdrawal option will be blocked, please do follow up on other interesting topics on our blog thank you.

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