16 Lucrative Business ideas In Nigeria under 100k

Ogbonge _businesses_ ideas _that _can _potentially_ make _you _a_ Millionaire in a short while
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16 Lucrative Business  to start in Nigeria Under 100k


. Agric farming,


. Bricklaying

. Water haulage and resell

. Home lesson teacher

. Barbing saloon

. Property /agent

. Selling your used and unused items online which you no longer need

. Laundry services/dry cleaning,

. Street food business/mini restaurant

. Mini importation

Selling of okririka( aka OK) 

. GSM and laptops repairs

. Pos(point of sales) attendant


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*Agric Farming

Nowadays farming is very lucrative and rewarding even though some folks shy away from it, because of the stress associated with it, only average has seen the potential in this great economy (agric) though some are awaking to this reality some which includes the elites (politicians, professors, pastors, civil servants and the society at large are now owning mini farms in their homes backyard, good to know you may not spend much to start, like planting some maize in its season though’cassavas, veggies, you can even start snail farm, fish farm or do poultry for birds (get little training for it in your locality or probably research about it one thing to consider and to cap my claims is that man must eat no matter what and that means money must be spent and the money spent goes to the farmers pocket ‘haha”, if you are lazy you can even hire people to do it for you and you pay for it or you can even go to the local markets and source for agric produce at cheaper cost and resell to urban cites, hotels, restaurant’s organizations at a good business price or you can even export (provided you can do quality assurance and packaging) 


Making of cakes and chin-chin, pies, bounce, bread and even frying of local akara'(bean cake) this require little capital to start with as low as 5k to 10k (NGN) although you just need a little knowledge before you start  if you feel this is for then go for it. 


This demands technical knowledge, about building, Nigerians, which includes both the rich the middle class love gigantic buildings so may be you can be among the work force to build those mansions per say i personally know of a few in (bricklayer) who make up to 4k to 6k NGN on a daily bases though this figures changes depending the work in a given time so if this is for you do not say there’s no job start it (demands skills therefore i encourage you learn with a professional firsthand) 

Water haulage and resel

If you own a lorry(Dyna) there are communities of upper land and even cities where there is short supply of water i know some folks in my area that make a meaningful living doing this, they simply put a gee pee (a plastic tank of about, 2,500 gallon unto the truck and uses wheelesss and tubeless tyres to support the tank at the both sides of the truck to prevent surge or shifting when the truck is in motion these truckers buys directly 1,200NGN to 1,500NGN and resells for 2000, 2500 even 3000 depending on the distance and they deliver like upto 5to 10 trips per day  (so you can calculate the return by yourself.)

*Home lesson teacher

Ogbonge_ businesses_ ideas _that can_ potentially _make_ you _a_ Millionaire_ in_ a_ short_ while
If you are knowledgeable and know what you are doing and wants extra sources of income may be you are already a teacher there are busy dads andmums that needs the services of home lesson teachers and you even set your price by yourself (doit prudently)

Barbing Saloon

Worldwide the services of a potential barber/hairdresser cannot be underestimated it pretty skillful though i bet you it’s an art you can easily learn and do and start making money right away its income is residual and on a daily basis and it’s easy to start and cost considerate for a beginner or a student with 50k (NGN you are good to go (P.s as a good entrepreneur you don’t need to spend a lot of money starting out) 

*Property Agent

You can serve as a middle man between a seller and a buyer of a said property like real estate yours is to scout for buyer and get a commission when buyer buys its like affiliate marketing peeps earn up to a 100k to 1,000,000 million doing this  

*Selling of your used items online:

If you are dearly in need of cash you can sell your used /unused items which you don’t need again why not turn it to cash instead than leaving them to occupy space in your home you can sell them online items ranging from furniture, home appliances, electronics, like laptops  phones chargers Start selling here

*laundry/Dry cleaning services

is a very lucrative business in the sense that people are making a real cut in it, some folks are really busy professionals while some are just simply lazy so you can be the guy that will run their laundry stuff  like washing and ironing and there by get them pay for your services at least the income is steady because clothes will always get dirty and rumpled and you don’t need a lot of money to start, bellow are few things you will need to start with 

1:large bowl/buckets (for watching and scrubbing) 

2:bar soaps



5:pressing iron

6:ropes for drying under the sun 

7:running water 

Ogbonge_ businesses_ ideas_ that_ can_ potentially_ make_ you _a _Millionaire_ in_ a _short_ while

Note:needs are typical if you are buoyant you can get your self good washing machine, generator, dryer, Here

*Street food/mini restaurant:

You can be the one to feed some busy people on the streets on the go you don’t have to be a professional cook to do this foods on the fast lane
(I will call it)
Which includes, beans and plantain delicacies moi moi eba and egusi soup, rice and stew  jollof rice  yam and beans Akamu (fermented corn aka ‘pap”

*Mini importation

*selling of okrika(aka O. K)

Used clothes usually imported from Europe in what they call ball or rap

*Gsm & laptop repairs:

Nowadays the use of smartphone and laptops is almost every minute folks can not do without this gadget and most times this gadgets gets spoiled or broken if you can master this technical craft then you sure will earn a living doing just that. 

*POS (point of sale) Attendant:

In my area there is just a few banks as a result shortage of atm machines the few atms available are overcrowded sometimes and people had to travel to get to the bank in a nearby town just to get money and that could be frustrating sometimes on if you can solve this problem of having to travel far just to withdraw money in your community or suburb then start one and charge your commissions *post credit to entrepreneurs. ng*Refer here to know how you can start a successful POS business. 
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